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9 Reasons Why Singapore is the Perfect Option to Study Abroad

When looking for universities abroad, there are many things on our priority list we usually like to check off first. A good education system and affordable tuition fees would be at the top of that list. But what if you are on a tight budget? A budget constraint, however, should not stop you from enjoying an exciting international life and getting a quality education. As nations like the US and the UK are quite expensive, Singapore would be the ideal option if you want the best possible education at affordable prices. 

Below are some reasons why studying in Singapore would be an excellent choice:

1. Vast Study Options

We keep an eye out for several courses that suit our interests when searching for opportunities to study overseas. Many nations have limited options, which forces a person to give up on the idea of that course or the country as a whole. In the case of Singapore, that is highly unlikely to occur. Due to the large intake of international students, Singapore offers a wide range of courses, from Sports Science or Tourism Management to Diplomas in Retail Management, Hospitality Management, and Logistics Management. 

2. Affordable Tuition Fee

Whenever students think of applying for universities abroad, the first few countries that come to their minds are the US or the UK, which are first-world countries and are very popular for their names. However, the main reason students drop the idea of international study is the high tuition fees these countries come with. However, Singapore doesn’t believe in that. The tuition fees in colleges in Singapore are relatively cheaper. The annual tuition fees for diploma and advanced diploma courses range from about 3.5 - 4 lakh rupees, whereas the postgraduate diploma courses have fees above 4 lakh rupees. This information in itself must have solved a lot of questions and clarified your plans. 

3. 6 Months Assured Internship

You must be smiling as you read that, I'm sure. And you read it right!  In Singapore, diploma programs typically last a year, with the first six months dedicated to study and the latter six months serving as your internship or on-the-job training. You'll smile even more since the internship we're discussing will be a paid one! You may earn up to 2000 Singapore dollars. How cool is that!  Because of the excellent return on investment, this is one of the factors that draws in the majority of students.

4. Can Fly Within 45 Days

Singapore is one of those few countries where the process of flying isn’t as tedious. All the procedures, including getting your offer letter, your visa and everything get done within 45 days! So, if you are reading this in February, by April you would be prepared to fly to Singapore to kick off your new and exciting life abroad. 

5. IELTS is Not Required

Majority of the English-speaking countries require students to pass the IELTS exam, which is The International English Language Testing System. Since you intend to spend a few years living in an English-speaking nation it is a test to check your proficiency in the English language. However, you don’t need to take IELTS or any other English Language tests in the case of Singapore. So the additional burden of taking and passing that exam is automatically off your shoulders! 

6. Proof of Funds Not Required

You might have heard that to go to a specific country, you should have a certain amount of money in your bank just to show them. We refer to it as the "show money requirement." It is usually asked to ensure that the individual has sufficient bank balance to manage in case of any mishaps during their stay in that country. Nevertheless, if you are planning for college in Singapore, you need not worry about Proof of Funds, because that is not a requirement that they consider. Feeling light already? 

7. Eligibility Criteria

The fact that Singapore's institutions admit students of various backgrounds is one of their strongest highlights. Even a person whose highest qualification is the 10th standard can apply for a diploma course in colleges in Singapore. People who have cleared their 12th can apply for an advanced diploma course. There are diploma courses available for graduates as well, that is the postgraduate diploma courses. People can therefore apply to the courses and start their future path in Singapore with a background in any qualification.  

8. Tuition Fee to be Paid after Visa

Many colleges across the world want tuition payment from students as soon as they receive an offer letter. While some universities only want partial payments, others demand full tuition fees. The best part about Singaporean institutions is that the full tuition fees must only be paid upon approval of the visa. This instils a sense of security and assurance, allowing you to relax concerns like the college's refund policy and other unknowns associated with making an initial deposit. 

9. Good Transport Facilities

Singapore is very well known for the efficiency of public transport available there. It has been ranked among one of the top countries to have cheaper fares and convenient travelling. The place has frequent buses and taxis along with train lines that connect to major cities and states. So, if you wish to visit someplace to roam around after you finish college, that wouldn’t be an issue! Sounds exciting already, right? 


These are just a few of the many reasons that Singapore would be an ideal place to study abroad, including low tuition, excellent internship opportunities, a simple application procedure, other extra amenities, and, of course, wonderful weather! 


Interested in studying in Singapore? Get more information and free counselling on your study options with us. Contact us at and +918433988246.

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