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From Tradition to Trailblazing: The Evolution of Student Choices in Study Abroad Spots

Have you ever dreamed of studying in a foreign country?

For a long time in India, studying abroad was considered a luxury difficult to indulge in. But in the past decade, we have come to see a change. Now pursuing higher studies in foreign countries has become a common desire in students belonging to the middle-class sector as well. It’s all because this dream is now possible to be achieved very easily due to the advanced technology, smooth application process and affordable fees.

But how exactly do students select their destination country for foreign studies? Among the many countries available across the globe for foreign studies, first-world countries are always popular as they are renowned. But now there are many offbeat countries gaining popularity and attracting students from around the world. Unconventional countries such as Finland, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Malta and Luxembourg are among the many rising choices for Indian students desiring to study abroad.


Why are these countries picked over the traditionally popular ones? Let us find out the main reasons for it.

  • Quality Education-

Who doesn't wish to study in places like the UK and USA? Such first-world countries are popular destinations for foreign studies. Due to this, a lot of the unconventional countries providing excellent education in various fields are often overlooked. But now with the rising awareness of foreign education, these countries are getting known for their quality education and are being sought out by students.

  • Affordability-

One of the main factors taken into consideration when planning to study abroad is the budget. The cost of travelling, tuition fees and living expenses discourage many students as they exceed their budget. This has become one of the main reasons why unconventional countries have become popular destinations as they provide quality education which is cheaper and affordable.

  • Scholarships-

A lot of the universities in these countries provide free education or scholarships to international students. This adds to the perks of foreign education as it reduces the expenses significantly and makes the cost of living in that country easier and affordable.

  • Social Media Awareness-

You must be aware of the impact of social media these days.

The advancement of technology has brought about many positive changes in society. One of the examples of it is social media and its ability to connect to people from across the globe. This has helped people to gain global awareness and explore new countries and cultures. Many countries are using social media as a medium to introduce the perks of studying in that place. This has opened the gateway for such offbeat countries to attract foreign students.

  • Diversity In Fields Of Education-

Traditionally, studying abroad was a choice popular for students pursuing the field of medical science or engineering. Other fields and courses were not commonly opted for foreign education. But now we see students breaking free from the traditional outlooks and pursuing different courses ranging from the field of science to humanities. Thus, a lot of these unconventional countries are chosen as they boast high-ranking courses for a particular field.

  • Prominence Of Unconventional Courses-

Are you planning to become an artist, musician, dancer, writer or designer?

As mentioned above, more and more students are now exploring new career paths and options. For this reason, a new variety of courses, studies and programmes are being created to keep up with the evolving career paths such as culinary, tourism, fashion, photography, etc. These offbeat courses have given a chance to a lot of unconventional countries to showcase their speciality and attract international students.

Such is the case for Ireland, which is famous for its business courses and is a good option for students wanting to pursue this field. On the other hand, countries like Switzerland and Thailand are highly known for tourism studies. Peru and France are some of the best options for students wanting to pursue culinary arts.

  • Safety- 

One of the many concerns students have when they’re planning to move out alone and away from their family while opting for foreign education is safety. Many of the conventional countries which are highly sought after may be the first choice of many students, but they aren’t necessarily the safest place for people, which is why they may prefer places which are more safe and comfortable to live in.

Denmark, Ireland and New Zealand are some of the safest countries in the world, encouraging students to move forward with their foreign studies with peace of mind.


Apart from the mentioned reasons, there are many more factors which attract students to these offbeat countries such as cultural diversity, historical places, food and tourism. Though traditionally popular countries are indeed chosen by many, it cannot be denied that students are now weighing their options and exploring new courses and countries for their education.

So which country would YOU like to study in?

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