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Canada Announces Major Updates for International Students for 2024

On January 22, 2024, IRCC declared a cap on international students for the next two years. According to which, we'll get to see a 35% reduction in intake of international students, providing only about 360,000 authorised study permits this year, in comparison to last year where nearly 5,60,000 study visas were issued. The number of permits to be issued in 2025 will be reassessed at the end of this year.

What has led to this announcement of IRCC?

As per news reports, this change has been implemented due to Canada's ongoing housing crisis and the increase in rate of unemployment. The criticism faced by the federal government for welcoming the increasing number of non permanent residents during the ongoing crisis has also become a pressing matter for the government. Thus, the cap has been implemented in hopes of reducing the demand for housing.

Who all will be affected?

•International students enrolling for a study program which is a part of a curriculum licensing arrangement will no longer be eligible for a post-graduation work permit, starting from September 1, 2024.

•Master's graduates and other short graduate level programs will soon be able to apply for a three-year work permit.

•Spouses of international students pursuing master's and doctoral programs will have the opportunity to get an open work permit. On the other hand, spouses of international students pursuing undergraduate or graduate programs at other levels of education will no longer be qualified.

According to Marc Miller, these measures are not against individual international students. They are to ensure that as future students arrive in Canada, they receive the quality of education that they signed up for and the hope that they were provided in their home countries.

Undoubtedly, a lot of Indian students see Canada as a desired choice for foreign studies and are to be impacted by the change in regulations. Amidst this astonishing development, people are having mixed reactions to the news. Do let us know your thoughts on the decision taken by IRCC.


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